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    Do you really need to change your electrical panel?  It seems like every day a fantastic new electronic device is coming out. Is your home equipped to handle all of them? Not always.  Energy use in homes currently ranges about 14,000 kWh (that’s kilowatt-hours) per year— up an astounding 636 percent since the 1950s and is still increasing! Homeowners are installing double ovens and other new upgraded appliances using more energy.  You will require a new electrical panel to support that. When you live in an older home in Baytown or Houston, Texas, your electrical system may not be able to cope with increased energy demands. That’s why I suggest a new electrical panel installation to keep everything in your kitchen working when you need it. 

    Upgrades to the service panel, also called “heavy-ups,” would increase the capacity of your electrical panel and make it safer to run the number of electronic devices you may have at home.  Ask a Baytown Electrician the benefits of Heavy Ups to your home like a reputable company like Bay Area Electrical.  

    Having an update to the electrical panel would give you a number of amazing benefits to boost the home electrical service all around, including Improved Electrical Efficiency–do your lights flicker as you turn on certain appliances? Is your breaker trip regularly for no apparent reason? A heavy-up should take care of these issues, ensuring a more reliable supply of energy in your house.

    Baytown Electrician

    Benefits of Installing a New Electrical Panel

    Better Electrical System Safety–while most new electrical panels are constructed with safety in mind, the same can not always be said for panels installed 30 years ago. Overloading the electrical panel could lead to major fire hazards, many of which could cost you your house. The upgrade of the electrical panel can solve these dangerous problems and improve the safety of your home.

    Potential Expansion — If you ever need to connect circuits to your house, you’re going to need a bigger support stand. A heavy-duty solution gives you options, whether you really need to expand your electrical system (say, by adding a new addition or a central air conditioner) or just need to add a few more outlets.

    What is involved in a New Panel Installation?

    Based on your specific needs, there are a variety of modifications required for new panel installation. Some upgrades are as simple as adding a few additional circuit breakers to the existing box or extending the subpanel box. More complex upgrades may include such things as replacing a fuse box or an aging panel with one that allows for higher energy capacity. Baytown Electricians will analyze the state of your existing panel with any issues you’re facing and assess how comprehensive the improvements are going to be.

    How long does the upgrade of the electrical panel take?

    Time depends on your work. Adding additional breakers to the current panel is typically very easy, sometimes less than an hour. The construction of a subpanel is not too difficult either, only taking a few hours to complete.

    It’s when you need to make serious upgrades where it starts to take a long time. If you need to fix a fuse box or circuit key, you might be staring at a task that’s going on all day.

    If you are not sure what you need, call a licensed electrician and ask. Let them help you make a decision.  Don’t let your beloved appliances place your home at risk — there is always an answer for your updates to electrical panels in Baytown, TX.

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