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Which windows should you choose?


Homeowners have a tough decision ahead of them when trying to decide what replacement windows should I buy.  There are soo many windows out there it’s pretty overwhelming. The first thing you need to do though is set a budget.  There is no point in looking at windows that are 800.00 each installed if you are on a 300.00 each budget.  

There are several different materials that will determine the price of your new windows.  Aluminum is the least expensive when it comes to builders grade windows, but when you look at custom retrofit aluminum windows they are a little more expensive than you would think.  To get a quality aluminum window you need a thermal break in the frame and quality glass so these two factors help drive the price up. 

Vinyl windows are the least expensive when it comes to replacement windows.  They are readily available across the US with relatively short lead times. Even for custom sizes, you can usually get vinyl windows in just a couple of short weeks.  You should watch out for really cheap vinyl windows though. This could mean that the manufacturer is saving money by skimping on materials… Such as the frame. A vinyl window frame should be rigid.  They should not really flex or twist. Many of the higher quality windows can actually be beaten with a hammer on their frames and not suffer any damages.  

The Woodlands Windows

Wood windows are typically pretty expensive compared to vinyl or aluminum.  They require a much more labor-intensive installation process. Also, they require a complete rework of the interior trim and exterior trim.  A good window installation guy with a helper can install 16 windows in a day on a single-story home with a brick exterior. That same 2 man crew is lucky to complete 2 wood windows by the time they finish trimming them out.  One reason that wood windows are not so popular in the south is they will rot if not properly maintained. Actually they will eventually rot no matter what, wood just doesn’t last in the southern humidity. The fact that they are not a lifetime product and much more expensive limits the use of wood windows in the south.  

Composite windows are becoming the most popular choice.  They have the strength of aluminum and the durability and look of vinyl, and are still less expensive than most wood windows.  Composite framed windows are great performing alternatives to the traditional building materials.  

Remember that picking the right window is important when you are going to renovate your home.  Your home is a big investment and you always want to make the right decision when it comes to your house.  Consult with your local window installation company to find out more about which window material and window brand is the best choice for your home.  

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